To accomplish the development and launch of the platform, including ensuring proper regulatory compliance as well as the security of the technology, AssetFi will be having pre- and public token sales.

For in-depth breakdown, download whitepaper.

Token Allocation

-> Token Name: AssetFi Token -> Token Ticker: $AFI -> Total Tokens: 500,000,000 -> Platform Usage: 450,000,000 -> For Sale: 50,000,000

This offering will be for AssetFi Token ($AFI), which are BEP-20 tokens that represent the AssetFi Platform itself, not the assets listed on it, as asset creators/originators will determine what their tokens will be.

Initial Circulation

-> Public Sale [10%] $0.015 per token

In alignment with our mission to provide fair and equitable investment opportunities to everyone, AssetFi has not, and will not be involved in private seed rounds. Participation is community-first.

Distribution Schedule:

  • [Public sale] 30% released upon first exchange listing. 10% subsequent monthly release.
  • Team token allocation will be vested with a 12-month cliff. 4% monthly release.