Reimagining ownership & Investing

Enabling ownership for all

AssetFi’s vision is to “enable ownership for all” through making ownership more transparent, accessible, and efficient.

Assets —physical and digital— are the bedrock of capital, financial freedom, investing and economic inclusion. Sadly, a lot of low-income people are cut out — because it’s not accessible to everyone. Introducing AssetFi —the future of easy, automated, accessible asset micro-ownership.

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Introducing: Asset Tokenization

AssetFi is an end-to-end asset tokenization and issuance ecosystem, consisting out of a set of protocols for enhanced ownership, The AssetFi Platform serving as a user-friendly interface, connecting investors with issuers and our provenance architecture (Oracle providers) which ensures the safety and compliance of the whole process. We serve both, as a technology and infrastructure provider, as well as a primary market for issuance.
Currently, there are trillions of dollars locked in assets which cannot be exploited, or, to which there is extraordinarily little access to. Markets such as real estate, art, IP, scarce and valuable resources, are predominantly owned by institutional investors, leaving little room for the retail investors to invest in these markets.

What can be tokenized?

The possibilities are endless as tokenization allows for both fractional ownership and proof-of-ownership. From traditional assets like venture capital funds, bonds, commodities, and real-estate properties to exotic assets like sports teams, race horses, artwork, and celebrities, companies worldwide use blockchain technology to tokenize almost anything. However, we have grouped them into broad categories:

Real Estate

Real Estate tokenization allows fractional ownership, which opens the doors for high capital and increased market participation. Tokenized real estate assets provide an opportunity to expand real estate investment markets.


Illiquid assets, including artwork, wine, ownership interests in private companies, partnership shares and more, can be tokenized to offer provenance, lending and price discovery through the blockchain’s transparency.


Tokenization of equity shares allows companies to interact with shareholders by providing information on a single shared and immutable ledger. Shareholders will have ownership transparency and authenticity to run trades on the secondary market.

Benefits of Tokenization

Tokenized assets present a clear path towards making numerous assets more valuable, accessible, and useful relative to their legacy counterparts, as well as creating a vehicle by which off-chain data can augment their utilization within the DeFi ecosystem.
→ Liquidity → Accessibility → Fractional ownership → Composability → Transparency → Convenience

AssetFi Architecture

AssetFi is designed and developed to support the financial service industry needs by providing a ledger, registry, and exchange across multiple financial assets and markets. AssetFi facilitates the establishment of an ecosystem that garners participation amongst financial functions including asset originators, fund managers, servicers, banks, and investors.

Why we’re doing this

Currently there are unnecessary barriers, including geographical and jurisdictional constraints, that prevent an alliance of investors from forming.
Investing through traditional channels is still unnecessarily difficult, expensive, paperwork-intensive, and dependent on a variety of counter-parties or intermediaries.
Financial regulations are designed to protect investors but, ironically, with the vast scope and subtleties of these financial regulations, the novice investor finds himself entirely excluded from the most attractive opportunities.

Our Mission

We are set to capitalize on the pace of decentralization and create new investment opportunities through a platform that allows tokenizing any form of assets in open finance.

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The Ninja Team

The incredible AssetFi team is comprised of a group of 5 amazing individuals with backgrounds in finance, engineering, blockchain development, marketing and business strategy.
Passionate about bridging traditional investing with the incredible portal that DeFi and the Blockchain technology opens up.
The team is keen on building a platform that thrives on the core tenets of the Blockchain —completely anonymous, trustless and zero-knowledge proof.
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