Unlocking Asset Ownership

Assets —physical and digital— are the bedrock of capital, financial freedom, investing and economic inclusion. Sadly, a lot of low-income people are cut out — because it’s not accessible to everyone. Introducing AssetFi —the future of easy, automated, accessible asset micro-ownership.

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Enabling ownership for all

We believe that ownership should be more efficient, accessible and transparent. We don’t aim at reinventing it, we only provide the environment where ownership can be managed easily and efficiently.


Increased liquidity means you will always be able to offer what you own to a global pool of investors across multiple secondary exchanges


Programmability allows assets to include self-executing utility functions, definitions, and specifications across asset classes


Fractional ownership lowers barriers of entrance for retail investors and allows anyone from anywhere in the world own stakes in tokenized assets

Ungated Opportunities

We are on a mission to lift barriers and limitations to global investing, and to create inclusive opportunities for everybody

The Problem

Currently, there are trillions of dollars locked in assets which cannot be exploited, or, to which there is extraordinarily little access to.

The Assets

Markets such as real estate, art, IP, scarce and valuable resources, are predominantly owned by institutional investors, leaving little room for the retail investors to invest in these markets.

Our Mission

Through tokenization, AssetFi will open new markets to anyone in the world, allowing readily available capital to flow into illiquid markets, opening a world full of opportunities.